Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rock Star Lunch Tour, Day Four: I Am So Money, Kiriko Sushi, West LA

So the ten dollar Sapp Coffee Shop Thai boat noodles and Scoops ice cream lunch was really good and all, but who am I kidding?

Rock stars spend money.

That's just what we do. It's in our blood. I don't care if I'm spending the whole advance on my album sales, I gotta have a cool crib, fly threads, a nice ride--wait, i mean nice rides (plural), and expensive lunches. My Money Manager loooved when I went to Sapp & Scoops the other day and had lunch and dessert for cheap. But when I went to Kiriko Sushi on Day Four of my Rock Star Lunch Tour??? Not so much.

This time instead of dining solo, I lunched with my girlfriend C who, being a rock star herself, loves to buy lots of things too. And that's probably the reason why after settling in at this tiny Sawtelle sushi bar, we decided not to go with some of the more moderate lunch choices like the sashimi, nigiri sushi or hand roll lunch combinations which hover around the $20 range and went straight for the bling: a $36 omakase lunch.

Now most normal working folk would certainly gawk at a thirty-six dollar lunch (more like forty-five after you add in tax and tip, and even more if you get drinks) since that's pretty much lunch for an entire week spent in one day. But c'mon, when you have money to spend like all us rock stars, big time producers, B-movie actors, actor-model-waiters and trophy wives, thirty six bucks for an omakase lunch coming from a quality restaurant is nothing! A mere drop in the bucket for ten pieces of melt-in-your-mouth sushi which on this particular day included bluefin tuna, toro, Japanese yellowtail, Japanese red snapper, Spanish mackerel, sea scallop, house-smoked salmon with caviar, sea eel and a blue crab handroll, all extremely fresh and of excellent quality. Heck, even if you're not a C-list celebrity or above, it's still worth getting considering the same type of meal would probably be at least twice as much at dinner time.

After getting ripped a new one by my Money Manager for living such an extravagant lifestyle when my debut album hasn't even dropped yet, I told him not to worry 'cause I'm the shizz. I'll sell so many records I'll be able to afford lunch and dinner at Kiriko every day.

Kiriko Sushi
11301 Olympic Blvd. #102
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 478-7769


nakedsushi said...

Kiriko is one of my favorite lunchtime sushi spots. You're right about the lunch omakase. It's such an incredible value, especially with the quality of fish you get.

I'd love to go there everyday, but I'm not even a C-list celebrity yet, so I'll have to settle for once every month.

weezermonkey said...

Omakase for $36 is a great deal! Anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn't get it!

Oishii Eats said...

I am not a rock star. I haven't had sushi in forever.

SinoSoul said...

this is SO hot. I've ALWAYS wanted to come here for a Rockstar lunch :(

the 1 time I had a chance to do a Rockstar lunch, I went booogie and grubbed @ Joe's for the $17 prix-fixe. A bargain, but not rockstar status

Anonymous said...

I feel like I just had my 15 seconds of fame! Yea Rockstar lunch!!

p.s. so when do we hook up for rockstar dinner?

KirkK said...

You are a Rockstar...we are not worthy....

Cookie said...

I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! You're so cute and witty, something we totally need in this crappy economy. I'm really sorry you lost your job but I'm sure your next one will be much better! Rock on Rockstar!

H. C. said...

That's so baller!!! For those of us who are merely roadies, does Kiriko do this for weekends too?

And congrats on your new rockin' job!

dealinhoz said...

his smoked salmon is dreamy. i still think about it. but i cannot afford to eat the dinner omakase anymore.

joanh said...

was it worth it? that's like the one place i haven't eaten yet on sawtelle

Daily Gluttony said...


if only we were c-list celebs, maybe we could afford to go like twice a month. (and yes, the lunch omakase was a very good value!)


now that's what i'm talkin' about :)


girl, you are the biggest rock star of them all!!!


you should go! $17 prix fixe at joes is pretty rockstar too.


yes! rockstar dinner!!! let's do it soon!


Uh, you were the one who came all the way up to LA to go to Urasawa--if that's not rockstar, i don't know what is.


thanks so much for kind words! i really appreciate your stopping by & commenting. and i did find a better job--yay!


thanks! LOL @ "roadies"! hmm, i'm pretty sure it's just weekdays, but don't quote me on that!


that smoked salmon *was* dreamy! i think i'd be forced to eat top ramen for a month if i'd done the dinner omakase. :P


very worth it!!!

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