Sunday, September 26, 2010

The iPhone 4 & Food Photography: How a Cellphone is Helping This Food Blogger Lighten Up...Literally.

8oz Burger Bar Chorizo Mac & Cheese

So I finally broke down and traded my stone-age "regular" cell phone for an iPhone 4 a couple of months ago. It was life-changing in that, amongst other things, I can get directions to practically anywhere without printing out directions beforehand, and I can show the world what I'm eating or doing with Twitter or Facebook instead of waiting until I get home to blog about it. You know cell phone cameras and blogging in general have come a long way when the photo quality of pictures taken with my phone kick the asses of those taken by my point & shoot when I first started blogging. My how things have changed in 5 years.

The phone's certainly no match for my D300 especially in low light conditions, but it's nice to know that I don't always have to lug a brick around to document my food-capades. Plus my shoulders and arms thank me whenever I leave the DSLR at home. IPhone 4 shooting my meal = no SalonPas later.

I think the iPhone4 takes pretty cool looking pics both au naturel and with apps that give a more vintage feel. All of the following photos were shot using the iPhone 4's 5 megapixel camera with any post-processing done on the phone itself. Not bad for a cell phone camera, right?


Tasty Garden Hong Kong Style Waffle

Same Tasty Garden Hong Kong Style Waffle

Tasty Garden Vermicelli with Shredded Duck & Preserved Vegetable

"Santouka Number 1" shot with Hipstamatic

Heirloom LA Jidori Chicken Salad Sandwich and Green Bean Salad at Intelligentsia Pasadena

Intelligentsia iced latte shot with Hipstamatic

Mikawaya Suama shot in low lighting with TiltShift Generator

Mitsuwa West LA packaged bento section shot with TiltShift Generator

Mei Long Village Xiu Long Bao and Bean Curd Sheets w/ Preserved Vegetables edited with CrossProcess

The same Chorizo Mac & Cheese as above edited with CrossProcess

I can also use the nifty front camera to take artsy-fartsy photos of myself with a fork in my mouth. This is the photo that I lost Twitter followers over when I switched out my cupcake-atop-preggo-belly avatar with this for oh, 3 days or so. Like I said earlier, food blogging's certainly come a long way.

Me with fork in mouth shot with IncrediBooth


weezermonkey said...

Very nice!

My 3GS cam sucks. Wah wah.

Gastronomer said...

Very cool, Pam! Cell phone pix have definitely come a looooong way. One of these days, I'm gettin' me an iphone.

Anonymous said...

More 'Fork in Mouth' type shots, please !!

Diana said...

My Droid photos definitely don't come out like that! They are pretty horrible really - not much better than the photogs I used to take on my Motorola Razr! Though it is also possible I'm not using the camera properly.

e d b m said...

Sometimes it's nice to not have to lug around a big camera. The iPhone serves its purpose.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Really nice photos. Even the artsy ones. And I think the fork pic was too haaawt for some people. :P

Maggie said...

Great shots and tips. I love the fork in mouth image. What the what with Twitter? Sheesh.

Chubbypanda said...

Hey, that cupcake belly photo is a classic at this point. It's iconic amongst SoCal food bloggers.

ila said...

i agree with chubbypanda. that belly photo is crassic.

joanh said...

i'm amazed by the cell phone vs old point and shoots too.. the pics are definitely best with natural light, but i haven't switched from my 3gs yet so curious if the 4g is that much better.

i like microbloging from my iphone though sometimes twitter makes me a lazy blogger....

wan said...

the awesomeness of your iPhone 4 pics convinces me fully that it's not necessarily about the equipment - it's the user.

and this user pretty much sucks. haha! nice pics, dude!

justJENN said...

We go to all the same places!

Eddie Lin said...

Really great post! Refreshing. Thanks, chica!

food je t'aime said...

I'm the same way with my iPhone! I use it to take pictures of food when I'm too lazy to carry around my camera, and I am still continually surprised by how great the picture quality is.

Sasa said...

Gah! I'm getting Smartphone pressure from all sides! I may have to give in...I actually lugged my DSLR 8 hours to Berlin only to leave it in my host's apartment because I couldn't be bothered with it, imagine if I'd had an iPhone.

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