Monday, February 16, 2009

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: Kaju Tofu, Garden Grove

I don't usually make it a policy to be out and about on days that are labeled "Stormwatch 2009" by all the local news channels. But since I wasn't busy being a company bitch and toiling away at the office on President's Day for the first time in years, and since my girlfriend A just happened to ask me out to lunch, I was going to brave the rain and wind, no problem!

Because it was one of those rare cold, rainy days in Southern California, nothing was more perfect than a hot, steamy cauldron of soon dubu jigae, or Korean soft tofu stew. Judging from all the diners packed inside Kaju Tofu that wet afternoon we weren't the only ones with a craving for some warm comfort.

The panchan at this small Garden Grove restaurant was a little left a little something to be desired, but that's not what we were there for, were we?

For eight-dollars-and-change, you get a bubbling pot of soft tofu mixed with whatever accompaniments you choose off the placemat menu. I ordered the kimchee and pork jigae, whereas A ordered the oyster one. You also get to choose your preferred level of spiciness. I ordered 4 out of 5 which was considered "spicy" on the menu which was a medium-low spicy to me, and definitely tolerable. Breaking an egg into the bubbly mixture, then mixing with some steamed rice makes the whole experience seem that much closer to a magical brew. I would make a joke about us being two old hags, but I won't go there.

I left Kaju Tofu with a warm and full tummy, clear sinuses, and hardly a dent in my wallet. A wonderful treat on an otherwise miserable day.

Kaju Tofu
8895 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 636-2849


weezermonkey said...

Your pics are sooooo beautiful! You're right! I need that lens!

KirkK said...

oooohhh kimchi vapors!

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